Wow. You're a strong soul, Liz. Get well soon.


Hey Liz, I am unsurprised to find that you are still awesome.

This sounds like a highly traumatic experience and I am so impressed that you were able to (eventually) glean positive lessons from it. And, girl, I'm glad you are OK! Yoiks.

Last summer, my husband and I left our kitchen window open all day, which created an opportunity for a couple of dudes to pop inside, grab my keys off my dresser (I was out of town), and steal my car out of our garage. Now in possession of a complete set of keys, they came back that night and took my husband's car, too.

We were shaken for MONTHS. It astonished me how long it took us to heal ... and neither of us had to live through the trauma of physical contact with these thieves. Personal experience with crime jars us out of the necessary ignorance of daily life. If we were constantly attuned to all possible dangers, we'd never leave home.

I can't say that I felt any sympathy for our little criminals in the end. But I, too, experienced an outpouring of support and love from my family, friends, and community. Humans are such social creatures. We need each other, and we really do step up when one of our own brood is broken. And I completely agree that tiny acts of kindness can change the fabric of our social world - and are well worth doing. Every day.

Keep up the good.

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