Liz (and Chris),
a truly magnificent website for one truly powerful cause. May this worthy ideal's effects follow you long into your passion's fulfillment.
Thanks for being the change.


Hey Liz, I hear you on the way the media we read shapes who we are. There's a columnist here in São Paulo named Gilberto Dimenstein. He's a respected pedagogue/educator in Brazil. His column is much less him, and much more a collection of snippets about people doing incredible things in for Brazil's children. These snippets are refreshing, empowering messages for the reader who is normally confronted with the usual national news that goes from hunger-to corruption -to police brutality. A story about a trash collector that founds a library in his shantytown does a lot more for me. I hope I can translate one for you guys one of these days.
Keep the good vibes coming.

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