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March 02, 2008


vies rashomon

I like to add "Baraka" i think it is such a beautiful visual of our beloved mother Earth.


The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, although not about world change, is about one man's ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and find his true spirit, the spirit of creativity. It was deeply inspiring.

Bobbe Besold

Sound of the Soul, a documentary about the Fez International Music Festival.

Britt Bravo

I echo Liz's vote for God Grew Tired of us. It was a truly moving film.


The movie that always makes me feel inspired about being human is "Regarding Henry" with Harrison Ford. It's a beautiful film about a super-successful attorney who suffers a brain injury and forgets everything, including how to be the jerk he was before.


"Pay It Forward" is in my Top 10 and would be a fitting addition to your list.


We rented "Born into Brothels" the other day. We watched the feature film and were blown away. A story about a lady who gives photo workshops to the children of prostitutes in Calcutta. Then we watched the making-of and the follow-up film on the same DVD. It just kept getting better and better!


Just wanted to add one of my favorites, too -- "God Grew Tired of Us," an amazing and heart-opening memoir about Sudan's young refugees. I left the theater full of a feeling of connection -- and a little teary. Also, don't forget Pangea Day, coming up May 10! Check it out at pangeaday.org.

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