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January 09, 2008


Chris Coppola

Gosh, I've just read one article, and immediately I come to the conclusion that you are right: Good news can inspire people to believe that it is possible. I'll also admit that it is humbling to hear about those who can look at a tragedy and make the choice, yes, I will do it, I'll help. thanks to for your hints for things that we can all do. Sometimes the desire to do something, anything is there, but creativity fails to produce the what to do!

Great to meet you,


Gary VanDyke

"...tip the balance..."
Yes, that's what we should all be participating in.
Thaht's why Food for Orphans is dedicated to its mission:
To supply at least one nutritious meal per day to as many orphans as possible.
What can you do to help? Start here: http://www.FoodforOrphans.org

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