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November 28, 2007


Keely H.

It used to be so easy for me to be tolerant when I lived by the maxim "moderation in all things" and never took any strong views about political and ideological issues, keeping a moderate or even agnostic position whenever possible. Then I started reading the news, talking about politics, and suddenly I saw all this injustice and I wanted to stop it, I wanted to convince other people that they needed to care about stopping it. Some of my family members suddenly in my eyes began to look pretty close-minded, intolerant, even bigoted. I'm still not sure how to handle this "awakening". Lately I've been giving some serious thought to what the virtues of love and compassion really mean. I suppose I am learning that tolerance means something deeper than believing that everyone's view point is of equal value. I like your idea that standing for something rather than standing against something is the way to peace and tolerance.

Thank you for this post.

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