Martha Foster

Let's launch global public television! Living Earth TV wants to create an international, noncommercial channel to show programs made by and about local communities all over the world. Please visit our website at - and contact me if you would like to be involved!
[email protected]

Mark R. McCarter

I've had this idea since the 2000 U.S. census. It might not heal the world, but I think it could help what ails the United States.
The census is all about statistics that the government uses to quantify and categorize the population. They use this information to their advantage by pigeon-holing entire demographics. I found a weak link in their questionnaire. Under the category of race there was a box that one could check that indicated "other". The person then could print what they wanted. I chose to check the "other" box and then wrote down the word Human. They could no longer categorize me as white, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. We
are after all only one race. Regardless of our pigmentation. The one thing we all have in common that we can rally around is our race. Human.
If a campaign could be started to persuade all individuals that fill out the next U.S. census for 2010, maybe we can make a slight dent in the governmental control over our lives. The Human Race Project should be launched. I am but one individual, but maybe through this organization and web site a movement can be started.

Audrey Kallander

As a new parent with, um, tons of time to read, I picked up a copy of "Everyday Blessings" and wanted to share this quote and idea:

"Beneath the sense of ourselves as being separate and preoccupied so much of the time with concerns about our individual self and our own personal gains and losses, we might see that we are part of a flowing movement of wholeness that is larger than we are and to which we belong."

While I am responsible for many things, it helps me to continually heal/take care of myself by remembering this quote, and therefore remember that it is not wise to take things entirely personally.

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